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Contact lenses typically provide better vision than spectacles for some visual conditions such as severe short-sightedness [myopia], long-sightedness [hyperopia], astigmatism, corneal distortion, or after cataract removal [aphakia].

Some people like the wider field of view provided by contact lenses, as side vision [peripheral vision] is often blocked, obscured or limited by spectacle frames. Contact lenses do not fog up with changes in temperature – or from perspiration – and they are unaffected by rain.

Many people choose contact lenses because they think glasses make them look less attractive or they find spectacles annoying. Sports players and people involved in vigorous activities often find contact lenses more convenient than spectacles, especially for water sports and contact sports. Priests, psychologists and many others also find that contact lenses avoid the barrier effect that spectacles may cause, thus leading to more direct eye-contact.